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Mariane Vorster

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Marianne Vorster

BComm (Hons), MComm (Strategy & Organisational Dynamics), MBA

14 years’ corporate experience with Deloitte South Africa moving through accounting, forensics, human resource development, business process re-engineering, and consulting. Operated her own consulting and coaching practise where she has consulted to such clients as Transnet, East Coast Radio, Cane Growers Association of South Africa, Municipal and Local Government.

A unique perspective of diversity through her Masters qualification, which involved working with miners at Anglo Platinum, and projects to deal with racism through multiple assessment tools that highlight differences in multiple dimensions.

Passion in growing the value of the individuals inside the organization involving the use of coaching to unlock and expand potential, enhance the team dynamic and impact the broader organization as a whole.

Adept in the use of TA, Hay Group 360, EI Assessments, Myers Briggs, Enneagrams, VAK, Insight, SDI and Belbin.

Developed and specialist coaching skills in Participative Management, Effective Conflict Resolution, Diversity & Dealing with Cognitive Dissonance, Organizational Unity and many others. Author of The Lunatic in the Attic, a candid study of human behaviour and hugely entertaining look at how the brain works and why we do the things we do

A double Masters graduate in Diversity and in Systems Theory from the University of Natal, and University of Cardiff, Wales.