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Executive Search

Executive Search

Finding the Best Skills to Fit

a Senior Role...

Finding the best skills to fit a senior role in business is a key determinant of organizational success.  Jacobs|Scott has delivered this solution to the needs of many local and international organizations.

Our strategy is designed to:

  • Rigorously analyze the developmental stage of the client organization, its unique culture, business context and market positioning.
  • Select professionals whose backgrounds, skills and expertise will enhance organizational performance and effectiveness.
  • Evaluate candidates to ensure a strategic fit to the role and effective match to the cultural environment.
  • Benchmark the client against competitors through the provision of qualitative team assessments and leadership development services.
  • Exacting and rigorous research forms the backbone of all our service offerings. Initially a research framework is designed which combines a market sector study and client competitor analysis. Client success factors and business drivers are then identified so that strategic criteria can be matched effectively.
  • Through our approach of discreet market analysis, the entire available market within the client’s industry is thoroughly assessed.