Jacobs Scott
Executive Search

Leadership Development

Building Critical Leadership Competencies.

Jacobs|Scott works hard to not only assess the chemistry required for an executive to add maximum value to an existing board or team, but also to sustain that value through services that build potential, sharpen competitive skills, and impact upon organizational effectiveness.

Our leadership development services provide solutions that integrate as positive change and include:

Intervention programs that ensure hands-on business redesign processes for the alignment of the strategic goals, business model and business processes to the organization’s key business purpose and core values.

The design and delivery of development programs for the benchmarking against competitors. We apply rigour to gather all the facts, and we consult with clients to enable sound decision-making. We research vendor profiles, market trends, functionality and the selection and deployment of best practices.

Establishing critical leadership competencies, such as skills, behaviors and role requirements are central to our concept of designing leadership development programs. Our programs align leadership to organizational business goals through the use of competency models.

We develop a growth-driven culture in which human capital skills are aligned with the core values of creative innovation, constant learning, and effective communication.

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